Sustainability is at the heart of every Container City™ project.

Visionary recycling system

The Independent

In the construction phase this is demonstrated by:

  • The structure of the project is 100% recycled material. Thereby capturing the maximum amount of embodied energy and existing material.
  • On site disturbance, waste, and noise pollution is reduced by the speedy delivery of prefabricated units.
  • The concrete substructure required is reduced as the building system is lightweight and inherently rigid.

The system ensures a low carbon footprint in occupation.

  • The system has good air tightness and is thermally efficient.
  • The heating and lighting systems are carefully designed to reduce energy consumption.
  • Renewable energy is used where appropriate e.g. solar collectors for domestic hot water.
  • Where suitable wind turbines are employed
  • Rainwater harvesting and green roofs are incorporated

Long term sustainability is ensured by the inherent flexibility of the system.

  • As it is modular it can be added to or reorganised during its life.
  • Should the land be required for other use the structure can be unbolted and reused on another site.