Dunraven School London : Streatham Architecture

11th June 2009

Dunraven School has pioneered the use of recycled sea containers to create a new school and community facility. Read article

Thumbnail of Leeds site’s crate expectations

Leeds site’s crate expectations

28th September 2008

WHEN it comes to sustainable construction, creating an office out of former shipping containers is a pretty good start. MEPC has built its development office at Wellington Place, Wellington Street, Leeds, out of the steel boxes shipped between the UK and China. Read article

Made in China

15th September 2008

A new School building made entirely from recycled shipping containers has opened to students in Greenwich. The cabins came from Asia and are made from recycled metals - but, are they fit for purpose? Read article

The office in a box

27th December 2007

Novel, cheap and recycled – old shipping containers have turned out to be the perfect buildings. But what does it feel like to work in one? Read article

Fawood Children’s Centre, Harlesden, London NW10

25th October 2005

The jury was impressed by the concept of the 'friendly cage' and the way it is animated by the play of light on the coloured lozenges. Read article

Living in a box

31st March 2004

Could a humble sea container help solve the housing crisis in our cities? Anthea Masey meets the crate-dwellers who are happy to call them home Read article

Wonder: Cove Park Artists Centre, Helensburgh, Scotland

24th February 2003

I'm not really into the countryside, so it was with mixed feelings that I accepted the invitation to spend a week at Cove Park Artists Centre - founded by Eileen and Peter Jacobs in 1999 - on Scotland's west coast. Read article

Container classrooms

6th January 2002

Pupils at a college in east London will return to lessons this term in new classrooms made from shipping containers. Read article