Container City™ is fast, innovative, and highly versatile system that provides stylish and affordable spaces for a range of uses.

Devised by Urban Space Management Ltd, the Container City™ system re uses shipping containers linked together to provide high strength, prefabricated steel modules that can be combined to create a wide variety of building shapes and can be adapted to suit most planning or end user needs.

This modular technology enables construction time to be reduced by up to half those of traditional building techniques while minimalising on site disruption and remaining significantly more environmentally friendly.

To date Urban Space Management Ltd has successfully used the Container City™ system to create classrooms, office space, sports halls, nurseries, community centres, artist studios, retail space, live / work space, sound recording studios and a General Practice.

This low cost approach to building has been commended by both Government and Private Sectors for its design and the economical way in which it recycles industrial products.