The Coldest Journey

The Coldest Journey (36).jpg

Urban Space Management (CONTAINER CITY™) Ltd is proud to support Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ latest expedition – ‘The Coldest Journey’.

Departing from London on 6th December 2012, ‘The Coldest Journey’ is the first ever attempt to cross the Antarctic continent during the polar winter.

Covering over 2,000 miles in temperatures frequently as low as -90 degrees, the team has to be entirely self-sufficient as no search and rescue facility can penetrate inland during winter. To aid them the team asked Container City to provide them with shipping containers for their living quarters and area for environmental studies.

Built on sledges that will be pulled behind the expedition, 2 x 30ft containers will provide the living space and vital protection from the element, whilst another 30ft container will be the moving science lab that will seek to make a decisive contribution to understanding the effect on climate change upon the poles.As well as conquering this final frontage of polar exploration, the expedition will raise $40m for Seeing is Believing; a global initiative to tackle avoidable blindness in developing countries.

Patrycja Nowak